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October plus Netflix brings a bounty of Streaming Gold



Photo / Netflix

There have been months, where there are only one or at best two new incoming movies worthy of watching. October (and most likely the remainder of 2021) brings more than a handful of Netflix Original movies and TV shows that look… GOOD.

Whether its Jack Gyllenhall is the remake of the 2018 “The Guilty“, Andy McDowell is the limited series “Maid” or the prequel to Zack Snyder’s “Army of the Dead” – “Army of Thieves”. And now that we’ve all been properly binged and got freaked out by “Squid Games” there is still plenty of content to keep us nice and entertained this month.

Several widely popular Netflix shows have new seasons coming our way. First is “On My Block” with, sadly the 4th and final season. And then “You” based on the YA novel and in my opinion is probably the best of the Netflix shows to grace the platform this month. Next is “Locke and Key” and “The Baby-Sitters Club” both coming in season 2.

There are of course incoming classic films including “Ghost”, “Gladiator”, “Malcolm X” and “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves” to just name a few.

Below are the accompanying trailers for some of the must-watch, best, movies and/or TV shows coming to Netflix:

The Guilty – October 1:

The Maid – October 1:

On My Block – Season 4 – October 4:

The Baby-Sitters Club – Season 2 – October 11:

YOU -Season 3 – October 15:

Locke and Key – Season 2 – October 22:

Army of Thieves – October 29:

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