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Polar Vortex Slams Airports

Across the East and Midwest sub-zero temps rock airports and commuters.



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Across huge swaths of the USA the so-called “Polar Vortex” is wreaking havoc as sub-freezing temps hit hard. Thousands of flights were cancelled, with over 1200 cancelled in the Chicago area alone. Blizzard warnings in Michigan, multi-car crashes, all the usual winter storm occurrences, only more so.

Closed schools, ice and snow covered roads, even the Super Bowl travel outlook appears sketchy and daunting. Of course, in Atlanta the game will go on, and, one way or another the fans will find a way to get there.

Although many, such as the POTUS, are prone to see any cold weather as a counter argument to Global Warming / Climate Change, science easily refutes this simplistic stance.

Measuring the temperature on a given day or even season is not enough to sway results culled from extensive research. Data points such as daily temperature anomalies, which measure variations from a long standing baseline, continue to show overall warming at an alarming rate.

So, not only is it C-O-L-D, but we have to expect extremes of heat, flooding, storm events, and then all the rest to boot. Even as our heartland freezes there is a massive heat wave in Australia (where it Summer, of course).

Some meteorologists are predicting that the Vortex may linger this time. For not too long, let’s hope , just in time for that little football match this weekend.

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