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PS5 Launch Day is Officially Here – Available for Black-Friday-like sales today on Walmart, Amazon and others



Above: Promotion video for PS5 / Courtesy of Sony

New hopes for grabbing a PS5 on Launch Day

The latest Playstation, PS5 launches today, November 12. If you were among the gamers that managed to snag a preorder on Sept 17 for the console, consider yourself very lucky.  But rest assured, if you were not able to get in on the pre-order there are still many opportunities to get your hands on it. 

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For the launch, both the PS5 and PS5 Digital Editions will only available online through a handful of retailers including Amazon and Walmart.  The PS5 retails for $499.99 and Digital Edition for $399.99 Some retailers also give buyers finance options, for those that prefer to pay in monthly installments.  

It’s unclear when the console will be readily available and in-stock in stores for purchase, yet more than likely customer will be able to go to their local retail locations for the PS5 by Black Friday, November 27.

Click to see Where to Buy PS5 on Launch Day

Check out the latest Playstation 5.
Available available on Amazon and Walmart

Along with the Playstation 5 console, the Dual Sense charging station, PULSE 3D wireless headset, Media remote and HD camera are available for purchase, click here to see all the available PS5 accessories, both available on Amazon and Walmart

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Click here to See “Call of Duty: Black Ops
and help Independent Bookstores.
Also available on Amazon and Walmart.

If you are able to purchase your PS5 we highly recommend the the upcoming Call of Duty game, ‘Black Ops Cold War’ which will highlight one of the key features of the PS5 DualSense controller, its unique haptic feedback.  When you pull the trigger, your controller will shake, and givers gamer a pretty awesome feeling that has never before been available. 

  • As Elite operatives, you will Follow the trail of a shadowy Figure named perseus who is on a mission to destabilize the global balance of power and change the course of history.
  • Descend into the dark center of this global conspiracy alongside iconic characters woods, Mason and hudson and a new cast of operatives attempting to stop a plot decades in the making.
  • Beyond the campaign, players will bring a cold war arsenal of weapons and equipment into the next generation of multiplayer and Zombies experiences.
  • PS4 physical disc playable on PS5 system (will not include higher framerates, Hardware based rays-tracking and faster load times available on PS5 Edition). PS5 disc is not playable on PS4 system.
  • PS4 physical version upgradable to PS5 digital version via $10 upgrade through PS store. PS4 disc required in PS5 system to access and play digital PS5 upgrade.

Click here to see “Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War” and help Independent Bookstores. Also available on Amazon and Walmart.

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