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Giuliani’s Dripping Head and ‘My Cousin Vinny’ Dominate Fraud Presser in Desperate Sweaty Stammering Mess



Above: Snippet Video of Rudy Giuliani Dripping / Press Conference Video

Though these clowns are a stale putrid joke, all citizens must, nevertheless, remain vigilant, no matter how hard it is to take them seriously

Rudy Giuliani’s dripping head took center stage at his self-congratulatory press conference where he continues the string of fantasies regarding alleged voter fraud that he and his team have been claiming.

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Speaking from the podium alongside the other Trump campaign lawyers, Sidney Powell and Jenna Ellis, Rudy began with attempts to appear sane, only to have his planned “show” devolve into a caricature of his own twisted image. He not only burst into an out-of-body “My Cousin Vinny” moment but then was seeming to literally melt, with sweat and what appeared to be hair-dye-goo dripping profusely down his head and the sides of his face.

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After all the court cases cut short and nearly laughed off the docket, the gang that cries crooked and tries to prove that their own manipulation was a mirage, while at the same time inventing fraud and malfeasance at every turn by anyone that did not vote for Trump. 

Although the vast majority of sane individuals in the country are seeing this as a clown show and distraction, more than any real threat, the seriousness that lies beneath is not insignificant. Every day that goes by is another day that Trump ad his cronies are able to twist and turn through various lies and false accusations hoping to find something that sticks, just enough, to get to the Supreme Court, where they believe the cronies they just appointed there, for this very purpose, will ultimately bail them out and start utter chaos. 

Highly unlikely, since, I mean, look at these guys, but Nixon and his henchmen got away with many, many crimes in plain sight, for years, before finally being brought down. Although we are all sick and tired of Trump and his infected, demented, corrupt band of idiots, it’s not advisable to stand-down just yet. 

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