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Ryan Reynold’s Ad perfectly encapsulates the hellish year that is 2020



A “Match Made in Hell”  

2020 has been a hard one, almost everyone can easily say, they were affected negatively one way or another by the raging pandemic, whether reasons be economic, physical or even our personal relationships. 

Actor and director Ryan Reynolds and his production company, Maximum Effort, hilariously delivered to viewers just how crazy this year has been in an extremely entertaining video ad for the online dating service

Reynolds, who is known for his quirky sense of humor described the commercial as a “A Love Story for the ages. Or at least this age”. 

The devil himself, Satan is seen swiping on the doing app and matches with a woman with the user name “2020”. We see Satan and 2020 go on a series of date, including working out at a socially distanced gym, starting a dumpster fire, stealing armfuls of toilet paper, and eating scorching hot chili peppers at an empty sporting stadium. The two break all the rules and jokingly references in some form or another exaggerations on some of the struggles, limitations and restrictions set for covid-19.

The ad ends with the couple, in love, watching what looks like the end of the world, an apocalyptic backdrop with asteroids destroying buildings and the city around them. With the truly devilish end comment “ I just don’t want this year to end”. Although, unquestionably we all can’t wait for 2021 and better times to come. This ad brings much levity to the seriousness brought on this year.

The cherry on top is, we get to hear Taylor Swift’s romantic ballad and 2008 smash hit “Love Story” play in the background. Swift who is in the process of re-recording her songs due to battling with Scooter Braun, gave Reynolds a sneak peak for the advert. 

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