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‘Sharing Love With Others’ is Helping Los Angeles, Right Now: Vote and show support



Amazing, small but mighty non-profit orgs are out there. I recently became aware of one particularly effective group called ‘Sharing Love With Others‘. Based in LA and focusing on helping the local unhoused directly with care and, love.

The population in LA living outdoors is large. In California as a whole it is estimated that 49,000 are ‘chronically homeless’ and that LA County accounts for half of that number. While the local government, as well as Gov. Gavin Newsom are pledging to address the situation, the reality on the ground is in great need of being improved by direct, compassionate action.

This is where small local charities like ‘Sharing Love With Others‘ can produce immediate results with measurable success. Unlike bureaucratic, political proposals, a local grass-roots org uses resources and volunteering to help improve lives directly and immediately without intermediaries.

Founded by Maxine Sealey in 2019, geared to help the homeless community and the impoverished in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

a quote from interview with Maxine in VoyageLA sheds some light on the origins of the group, “I was led to create SHARING LOVE WITH OTHERS after becoming the Outreach Director in 2004 of the church that I attend, while going through my personal hardship, after volunteering with other organizations that help the homeless, and after connecting people to free resources for their home such as refrigerators, bed, furniture and more. For some reason people would call on me to help, and I had the desire to help in whatever way I could.”

Supporting active, effective organizations like this is crucial, politically entrenched solutions notwithstanding.

KFC has launched the “Kentucky Fried Giving” Challenge to support local non-profit groups

Fortunately, you can support this incredible organization right now at zero-cost whatsoever.

The group is participating in the ‘Kentucky Fried Giving” challenge which will award a $60,000 grant to the non profit that gets the most votes in the challenge.

All you need to do is follow the link below and vote for Sharing Love with Others.

Once you get to the home page for the program you will scroll down to where you see “Sharing the Love With Others” video – where you can watch and see more n the program:

In the pop-up window just add your email address, check the box and prove you’re not a robot with the usual CAPTCHA widget and hit ‘submit’! That’s all it takes.

If you want to know more you can learn more at

SHARING LOVE WITH OTHERS  is a charitable organization with the goal of enhancing the quality of life of the less fortunate, specifically our homeless neighbors on Skid Row, by providing warm meals, water, medical services, clothing, and more.

Naturally, if you would like to donate directly, this is also possible on the group’s web site:

photo courtesy of Sharing Love with Others

We distribute food every Saturday and organize Skid Row cleanup days once a month.

We are always looking for more volunteers and donations, so please click through our “Volunteer” “Donate,” and “Connect With Us” pages to get involved!

Come join us and serve our homeless neighbors on Skid Row! Rain or shine, we are here.  7th. Street between San Pedro and Crocker in Los Angeles, Saturdays starting at 12pm.


+ IG:


number: (310) 340-8814

mailing address: 1035 S. Prairie Ave. Ste. 4 Inglewood, CA 90301

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