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Six Succulent Psychedelic Books that can Take you on a Trip to a New Self Understanding



Mind altering psychedelics and LSD have been around since the 1950’s / early 1960’s. More recently they have made a resurgence and the cultural references can be seen in the various media platforms including movies, television programs, documentaries, podcasts and beyond. We have curated a list of some of the more popular book titles relating to psychedelics that range from scientific to a more anecdotal explosion of whacked out exploration and experimentation with the beloved and ever-mind-expanding drug.

Electric Kool Aid

The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test

Ken Kesey and his band of the Merry Pranksters became famous for their use of LSD and other psychedelic drugs in hopes of achieving intersubjectivity. The book chronicles the Acid Tests (parties in which LSD-laced Kool-Aid was used to obtain a communal trip), the group’s encounters with (in)famous figures of the time, including famous authors, Hells Angels, and The Grateful Dead, and it also describes Kesey’s exile to Mexico and his arrests.

Author Tom Wolfe  The book is remembered today as an early – and arguably the most popular – example of the growing literary style called New Journalism, “An American classic” (Newsweek) that defined a generation. “An astonishing book” (The New York Times Book Review) and an unflinching portrait of Ken Kesey, his Merry Pranksters, LSD, and the 1960s.

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 A Really Good Day Book Title

A Really Good Day: How Microdosing Made a Mega Difference in My Mood, My Marriage, and My Life

The true story of how a renowned writer’s struggle with mood storms led her to try a remedy as drastic as it is forbidden: microdoses of LSD. Her fascinating journey provides a window into one family and the complex world of a once-infamous drug seen through new eyes. 

When a small vial arrives in her mailbox from “Lewis Carroll,” Ayelet Waldman is ready to try anything. Her depression has become intolerable, severe and unmanageable; medication has failed to make a difference. Married with four children and a robust career, she “should” be happy, but instead her family and her work are suffering at the mercy of her mood disorder.

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Doors to Perception

The Doors of Perception and Heaven and Hell

Among the most profound and influential explorations of mind-expanding psychadelic drugs ever written, here are two complete classic books–The Doors of Perception and Heaven and Hell–in which Aldous Huxley, author of Brave New World, reveals the mind’s remote frontiers and the unmapped areas of human consciousness. This new edition also features an additional essay, “Drugs That Shape Men’s Minds,” which is now included for the first time.

Aldous Leonard Huxley was an English poet, novelist, dramatist, essayist, and humanist philosopher. He attended Eton and Oxford and briefly taught at Eton before devoting himself solely to writing. His fifth novel, Brave New World, is one of the most read books in literary history.

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Acid Test

Acid Test: Lsd, Ecstasy, and the Power to Heal

With the F.D.A. agreeing to new trials to test MDMA (better known as Ecstasy) as a treatment for PTSD–which, if approved, could be available as a drug by 2021–Acid Test is leading the charge in an evolving conversation about psychedelic drugs. Despite their current illegality, many Americans are already familiar with their effects.

Yet while LSD and MDMA have proven extraordinarily effective in treating anxiety disorders such as PTSD, they still remain off-limits to the millions who might benefit from them. Through the stories of three very different men, award-winning journalist Tom Shroder covers the drugs’ roller-coaster history from their initial reception in the 1950s to the negative stereotypes that persist today. At a moment when popular opinion is rethinking the potential benefits of some illegal drugs, and with new research coming out every day, Acid Test is a fascinating and informative must-read.

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How To Change Your Mind

How to Change Your Mind: What the New Science of Psychedelics Teaches Us about Consciousness, Dying, Addiction, Depression, and Transcendence

When Michael Pollan set out to research how LSD and psilocybin (the active ingredient in magic mushrooms) are being used to provide relief to people suffering from difficult-to-treat conditions such as depression, addiction and anxiety, he did not intend to write what is undoubtedly his most personal book. But upon discovering how these remarkable substances are improving the lives not only of the mentally ill but also of healthy people coming to grips with the challenges of everyday life, he decided to explore the landscape of the mind in the first person as well as the third.

Thus began a singular adventure into various altered states of consciousness, along with a dive deep into both the latest brain science and the thriving underground community of psychedelic therapists. Pollan sifts the historical record to separate the truth about these mysterious drugs from the myths that have surrounded them since the 1960s, when a handful of psychedelic evangelists inadvertently catalyzed a powerful backlash against what was then a promising field of research.

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Psychedelic Experience

The Psychedelic Experience: A Manual Based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead

The book discusses the various phases of ego death that can occur on psychedelics and gives specific instructions on how one should regard them and act during each of these different phases. In addition to containing more general advice for the readers on how to use psychedelics, the book also includes selections of writing presented with the intent for them to be read aloud during events where groups of people take psychedelic drugs together. 

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