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SpaceX Docu-series on Manned Mission about to Launch on Netflix



Above: Inspiration4 Crew Members / Photo / Netflix

What do a billionaire, cancer survivor, geoscientists and a data engineer have in common? 

 For the first time on the streaming platform, Netflix will offer a 5 part docuseries covering the SpaceX’s Inspiration4 Mission in near real-time.

The series will cover SpaceX’s first all civilian mission (no astronauts!) as they prepare and train for the mission, the live launch coverage from Kennedy Space Center in Florida, as well as footage from inside the Crew Dragon spacecraft as the 4 passenger crew orbit the Earth on the 3 day mission. 


Unlike recent flights from Virgin (Richard Branson) and Blue Orbit (Jeff Bezos) that led suborbital flights, Inspiration4 will reach higher altitudes than that of the International Space Station and make history as first all-civilian mission to orbit.

Multiple firsts and groundbreaking accomplishments that go beyond, way beyond…

Breakdown for Netflix’s “ Countdown: Inspiration4 Mission to Space”

  • Monday, September 6: Meet the four civilians heading to space
  • Monday, September 13: Watch them prepare
  • Wednesday, September 15: Watch the live launch
  • Thursday, September 30: Spend time with the crew in space

The Inspiration4 Mission which was brokered as a private deal by 38 year old Jared Isaacman, CEO of Shift4 Payments with SpaceX.

Isaacman will lead the mission along with his 3 other crew members:  29 year old Hayley Arceneaux who will act as chief medical officer , 51 year old Dr. Sian Proctor (mission pilot), who will become the fourth Black female American in space and 41 year old Christopher Sembroski, a veteran of the U.S. Air Force who will be the mission’s specialist. 

The mission also serves as a $200 million fundraising campaign for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  

A day before the launch day, Netflix will also launch “A StoryBots Space Adventure” on Sept.14 which is a live-action/animation special where Inspration4 crew members will participate by answering some of kids’ most pressing space related questions. 

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