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SpaceX Starlink Satellite Launch Re-scheduled for May 23rd



Above: the link to the live streaming broadcast for Thursday May 23rd

On Tuesday, May 14th, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket fulfilled its static fire test, a wet dress rehearsal launch, where the engines fire at full thrust. The test was successful and included all cargo (satellites) on board, which appears to indicate a full launch is now ready to go forward. Musk was initially planning for late Wednesday, but is now aiming for Thursday, May 23rd.

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Musk predicts that it will take at least 6 launches (360 more satellites) for “minor coverage” and then another 6 (total of 720 satellites) for “moderate coverage”. Musk is a realist and does predict that things will inevitably go wrong during the process. Tuesday’s static fire success and soon, a successful launch, can be huge steps towards bigger things to come.

The SpaceX CEO recently won the Stephen Hawking Science Medal for Science and Communication. He was awarded for his work in space travel and humanity.

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