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Spokane-Style Pizza is Either Lit, or Just Plain Weird; You Decide



I don’t know if this is legitimate or some kind of food prank or food “trend”, however, a TikTok video has been getting some major attention surrounding the mysterious “pizza” dish supposedly from Spokane. 

The ingredients are not anything that I would ever think to put on my pizza. The following ingredients are purportedly piled atop the pizza dough: fry sauce, canned salmon, green bell peppers, onions and fresh strawberries. 

Real or a monumental spoof, it’s hard to say, check the evidence below

This is almost 100% not a real thing but you can certainly check out the original video below to see for yourself. 


Now here’s a pizza style you probably never ever heard about. #fyp #foryou #pizza #spokanestylepizza #food

♬ original sound – Mythical Kitchen

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