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Tech Weekend Update: iPhone 12 5G Revolution, Tesla’s Genius Strategy and Netflix’s Epic Fail…



Ford Mustang EV from behind
Ford Announcement is Harbinger of Avalanche of New EV Models are on the Horizon from virtually every Major Automaker

But the genius and power, seldom singled out for praise of any kind (even among Tesla fanatics), in finding “sexy” ways to accelerate the transition away from fossil fuels and of waging war against the capitalist world that itself created the problem of Global Warming, is mind-bendingly fantastic.

5G illustration
T-Mobile to Launch 5G Network Nationwide in December: iPhone 12 could start 5G Revolution

5G Network to be Available in Over 5,000 Cities through T-Mobile in 2019… Recently, T-Mobile announced that they are set to launch their 5G network nationwide in over 5,000 cities next month on December 6th. This comes after a successful trial period in select cities where their millimeter wave 5G was deployed for testing. For … Continue reading

Netflix Wormhole Speed
Netflix: Smell the Roses or Binge in Overdrive @1.5 Original Speed

To survive this oncoming competition, Netflix has been looking for ways to distinguish itself. It has done this partially by creating more original content and making a name for itself as a production company. At the same time, though, Netflix is also trying to get creative within its… Continue reading

Tesla Roadster
Tesla’s Success Story of ‘Zero Emission Sexy Fun’ is at a Tipping Point: now the entire Auto Industry Races to Join In

The backbone of the fossil fuel strangle-hold on the world economy is cars and, particularly in the US, a transportation infrastructure based on solo drivers and individual cars. Because of this, a fossil fuel alternative is hard to obtain without the use of fossil fuels themselves… Continue reading

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