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Tesla Model Y Deliveries are Coming Soon: Here’s a Peek Inside



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Y is going live As 3 is Flying High

Originally set for production in late fall of 2020, during a call regarding Tesla’s recent third quarter (Q3) report, it was revealed to investors that they now plan to start Model Y production much earlier, and deliveries could be in full swing by Summer 2020. Elon Musk commented on the new schedule, “There may be some room for improvement there, but we’re confident about summer 2020”.

According to recent news, the arrival date for Model Y is rapidly approaching. However, the specs and relevant prices for the Standard Range, Long Range, and Performance versions should remain unchanged. Prices will range from the Rear-Wheel Drive Long Range version for $48,690 and Performance Range at $56,690. Those prices include include potential incentives and gas savings of $4,300.

The reason for this change in schedule as reported from the Q3 presentation comes from the “learnings and efficiencies gained from our Gigafactory in Shanghai, China” while producing Model 3. 

Model Y is built on the same third-generation platform as Model 3 and shares many of the same components, which will most likely aid in the overall production process and keep the accelerated date for deliveries. Tesla has planned to extend their production operations and have already begun installing equipment for Model Y in their Fremont, California factory as well as the Gigafactories in Nevada, Shanghai and eventually in Europe. 

The Model 3 is the by far the most popular EV sedan in the market.  Bloomberg reported over 500k car registrations for the model, while other competition comes nowhere near Tesla in EV sales. 

Tesla’s other models are all mainly based on sedan body styles (aside from Model X) and the shift to a different body style will be a pivotal move for the company as compliments the current buying trends for larger cars. “It’s the body style of choice,” said Michelle Krebs, senior analyst with Cox Automotive.

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Mainstream Variant Sibling of the Model X

Model X is SUV-sized but more luxury priced, whereas the Model Y will be Tesla’s first midsize crossover, which allows consumers a more affordable alternative. Musk tweeted prior to the March 2019 review that Model Y is approximately 10% larger than Model 3 and will have normal doors rather than the falcon wings found on the Model X. Another unique feature with be the all-glass roof, giving drivers an unobstructed view of the sky. The Model Y can seat up to 7 passengers with an optional third row, with more seating and storage versatility; the second row seats can be easily folded for increased storage needs. Additionally, the Model Y’s lift gate will have a low trunk, making it easy to load and unload.

The more affordable Standard Range version is not yet on the site, but it’s expected to be priced at $39,000. The Standard Range version has a later production date and is anticipated for early 2021. Ahead of its official release, Model Y is available for order in North America, China and parts of Europe for a deposit of $2,500. 

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Shared Tech and Eminent Heritage Inside

All new Tesla cars have standard advanced hardware capabilities with software updates to continuously improve a driver’s experience over time. The Model Y will have Autopilot, Smart Summon, and Full Self-Driving Capability. Autopilot features that have been designed to enable the vehicle to help with navigation, and as well as steer, accelerate and break within its lane automatically, which does require the driver to pay attention through supervision.

There are eight cameras that allow 360 visibility, twelve sensors to detect objects in the road and a forward facing radar to allow for optimal safety and aid in emergency braking, collision warning, and blind-spots. Smart Summon is another feature that will allow your car to come find you in a parking lot. Eventually, Full Self-Driving Capabilities will be fully introduced with software updates available in the future, with pending regulatory approval. 

The specs for the official Model Y lineup are as follows:

Standard Range

  • Range: 230 miles
  • Top Speed: 120 mph
  • 0-60 mph: 5.9s
  • Price: $39,000
  • Deliveries: Early 2021

Long Range – Rear-Wheel Drive

  • Range: 300 miles
  • Top Speed: 130 mph
  • 0-60 mph: 5.5s
  • Price: $48,000
  • Deliveries: Summer 2020

Long Range – Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive

  • Range: 280 miles
  • Top Speed: 135 mph
  • 0-60 mph: 4.8s
  • Price: $52,000
  • Deliveries: Summer 2020

Performance – Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive

  • Range: 280 miles
  • Top Speed: 150 mph
  • 0-60 mph: 3.5s
  • Price: $61,000
  • Deliveries: Summer 2020
Tesla Model Y
Tesla Model Y

Tesla EV-brand Upper Hand with Crossover Competition 

Crossover cars, which function a lot like family-sized SUVs, have long been produced by gas-engine automakers, and these same companies have also attempted to sell electrical versions of these vehicles.

Some current EV crossovers are already in the marketplace (I- Pace from Jaguar, Niro EV from Kia, e-Tron from Audi, Leaf S Plus from Nissan, Bolt by Chevy, and Kona Electric from Hyundai). Ford with a “Mustang-inspired” EV crossover SUV. However, because they are primarily known as internal combustion engine (ICE) makers, their EV sales tank compared to their ICE vehicle sales.

Tesla can and most likely will take advantage of perfecting the missteps and limitations of their competitors.  The standout between Tesla and other EV crossovers is that Tesla is still the only company solely focused on electric versus other gas-powered or ICE counterparts. Thus, Tesla has an advantage as they enter the crossover arena with Model Y because of their notoriety for producing all-electric vehicles.

Arguably, Tesla’s price range was one of the biggest obstacles in its way in regards to selling EVs to the general public. This predicted affordability touted by a brand name for prestige EV production is going to make going ‘all-electric,’ an environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuel, all the more possible for everyone.

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