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The Day Music Dies could be Looming in Afghanistan, under the Taliban



Above: Photo ISIS / Courtesy of Twitter

Young students, teacher and faculty are staying home and currently are closing its doors of the Afghanistan National Institute of Music (ANIM) located in Kabul. 

The school has accomplished great successes in the realm of culture and arts in Afhanistan, including the all-female Zohra orchestra. Founder and Director of ANIM Ahmad Sarmast said “armed people entered school property” and have attempted to steal cars and have destroyed musical instruments.

Making music can have deadly consequences

According to the NPR report, under the Taliban rule in the 1990’s performing, selling or listening to music was strictly forbidden and could get you in serious trouble if caught. 

Yet the art of making music has always been a risky one in Afghanistan.  In the past there have been numerous musicians that have been threatened, kidnapped or even killed.

With recent explosions it is unclear whether Taliban will allow for such organizations like the institute of music to continue to exist. 

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