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‘The Parts You Lose’: Aaron Paul Stars in Thriller ahead of Breaking Bad spinoff



official trailer for “the parts you lose”

Fugitive Survival Tale with a Twist

No doubt the most anticipated movie starring Aaron Paul to come out in October is Netflix’s “Breaking Bad” spinoff, “El Camino.” That being said, “El Camino” will only get an extremely limited theatrical release and most of its viewers will come directly from the streaming service. Thus, if you want the opportunity to appreciate Aaron Paul on the big screen, you will have to look elsewhere. Luckily, you won’t have to look very far.

Coming out a week before “El Camino,” Aaron Paul also stars in “The Parts You Lose,” a thrill-ride movie about a criminal on the run. The movie was announced nearly a year ago, but oddly enough, story’s bare bones actually sound pretty similar to “El Camino,” as Paul plays a fugitive in both.

“The Parts You Lose,” however, is different because the narrative focuses in particular on the fugitive’s relationship with a young, deaf boy, who finds and helps the criminal hide from law enforcement. It is therefore a story of vulnerability and friendship, as both characters have clear weaknesses, but they still manage to get along and look out for each other.

Photo / Samuel Goldwyn Films

Badlands Start Treating us Good?

Make no mistake, though, “The Parts You Lose” is not your everyday odd-couple flick either. The movie’s tone is actually quite grave. The story begins with Paul’s character being the sole survivor of an armed robbery attempt in South Dakota. The deaf boy then finds him lying somewhere on the remote plains, caked in blood and freezing to death.

Of course, Aaron Paul’s character is also a wanted vigilante. Therefore, although he is endearing enough for the audience to empathize with and approachable enough to foster a sincere bond with the boy, he remains a potentially dangerous threat. This kind of character is Aaron Paul’s bread-and-butter in a sense, as he perfected the likable yet jaded criminal archetype in “Breaking Bad” and has frequently returned to it in different roles. 

The movie also introduces British actor Danny Murphy as the young deaf boy. Murphy is only fifteen years old, but he has been acting in skits and videos since 2008. It is all the more impressive that Murphy is deaf in real life and has learned how to act with imperfect hearing.

Photo / Samuel Goldwyn FIlms

Subtle Signals and Communications that build Rapport

Hearing impairments run in Murphy’s family. Both his parents are deaf and British Sign Language is the actor’s first language. His talents have already won him awards from the British Deaf Association, and he landed the role in “The Parts You Lose” with casting support from the Deaf West Theatre. For the film, he learned and uses American Sign Language.  

In short, Danny Murphy is a remarkable young man and it is wonderful to see production companies The H Collective and Samuel Goldwyn Films championing disabled people with this kind of authenticity. Starring alongside Paul and Murphy are Scoot McNairy and Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Behind the camera are novice director Christopher Cantwell and reputable writer Darren Lemke of “Shazam!” and “Goosebumps.”

“The Parts You Lose” looks like it will be an exciting trip with a unique sense of people and place. Perhaps it will fall in the shadow of “El Camino,” but on the other hand, perhaps “El Camino” will spark additional interest in Aaron Paul and “The Parts You Lose” will find a larger audience its second week at the box office.

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