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Trump minions, Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley Excoriated in new Lincoln Project Ads



Above: Video from The Lincoln Project

The Lincoln Project, the super PAC opposed to Trump and famous for great ads that help Biden beat Trump in the campaign, took direct aim at GOPs, specifically pointing out Cruz, Hawley and McCarthy. It has been Trump’s layer of corrupt minions that helped him to propagate the “Big Lie” – the lie that he won the 2020 election “in a landslide” and that there was massive fraud.

Many of Trump’s followers believe virtually every lie simply because a) Trump says it’s true and b) his minions, lackeys and sycophants back up his lies and lie further for him. This whole evil crap-shack is coming apart now. The brand “Trump-backer” is now a badge of shame and not a ticket to corrupt liar heaven.

The two videos from Lincoln project drive those points home and are the beginning of a well deserved reward of shame for those that lied for Trump for the last four years. Check them out and see what you think.

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