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Tonight: How to catch the “Strawberry” Supermoon of 2021



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The full moon that happens in June is often referred to as the strawberry moon. Although, if you look to the sky, the moon will look full starting Wednesday night and into Friday night, the moon will be 100% full starting 2:40 P.M. EDT Thursday, June 24, 2021. This will mark the first full moon after summer solstice and the last supermoon of the year.

Despite the sweet name, the moon will not really resemble any coloring of a strawberry, rather it will have more of a golden color. The reference to the fruit was often used by Native American tribes, like that of the Algonquins to signal the ripening of strawberries that were ready to be harvested.

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What makes a full moon a “Supermoon”, according to NASA, occurs when the Moon’s orbit is closest to the Earth at the same time as when the moon is full, making the moon appear much brighter and larger than the usual full moon.

In addition, any full moon that comes within 224.791 miles/ 361,766 km of Earth is categorized as a supermoon. For the Strawberry Supermoon on the 24th, the moon will be 224,662 miles / 361,558 km away from Earth.

More sky news: mercury has gone direct

In an alternate celestial observation, the dreaded retrograde mercury ended when mercury went direct on June 23rd. Astrology buffs always welcome the end of the mercury retrograde periods, known for confusion and, in particular, technological snafus and breakdowns.

Fortunately the full moon due on the 24th / 25th is seen, astrologically speaking, as a highly positive force and should help us all to celebrate the escape from mercury in retrograde and it’s chaos, as we glide smoothly into a more productive phase into July and beyond.

To get additional information on when the moon will rise and set in your area, click on the moonrise and moonset calculator.

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