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Trump Demands “Proof” of votes: Do 80 Million need to Visit Him at his Residence?



Above: 80 Million in Washington D.C.? Photo Collage / Lynxotic / Adobe Stock

Pseudo-conciliatory tone vanishes in a haze of Tryptophan

Chalk it up to just another day in Trump-world where nonsense is fact and facts don’t exist. After making another non-concession-consession on Thursday, stating that “of course” he would vacate the White House if Biden has won the electoral college vote by December 14th (which is the deadline for those votes to be certified), on Friday, he had, apparently, re-thought that whole “be a reasonable human” thing. 

In two tweets that were both marked “This claim about election fraud is disputed” the current election result “denier in chief” postulated that president-elect Biden “can only enter the White House as President if he can prove that his ridiculous ‘80,000,000 votes’ were not fraudulently or illegally obtained,” and further, that “Biden only did well in the large cities of Detroit, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Milwaukee, which he claimed have “long [been] known as being politically corrupt.” 

The latter is, of course, completely false, and the former is an absurd assertion, even from this source. 

Also claiming, with as much false bravado as someone in his losing position could muster,   that Biden has a “big, unsolvable problem”. 

Trump, laughingly, put forth the theory that  “Biden only did well in the large cities of Detroit, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Milwaukee”, and added a baseless claim that those cities (that were most assuredly not the “only” ones where Biden did well) have “long [been] known as being politically corrupt.”

Um, Los Angeles ? New York City? We could go down this list all day. “Only did well?”

Which leads to the real question here: who, outside of the thoroughly brainwashed, would even consider such nonsense. Do losing teams in the Super-bowl get to dispute every point on the scoreboard, after the game is over? Does winning by more than 6 million votes count for anything in this wacko universe?

Perhaps, to insure absolute certainty, 80 million people should show up at the White House to remind Trump why he must, and will, be moving out on January 20th, if not before (wink).

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