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Trump’s election themed holiday meltdown thanks to South Park creators



Above: Video / Sassy Justice

Deepfake Don for a funny Christmas special 

In a comment on a recent post from a hilarious send-up showing Trump being removed from the White House (literally by furniture movers) a reader offering this: “The left is having a wet dream, time to wake up and get to work”.

While technically not bad advice, although it’s a creepy observation, let’s just make something clear; anyone who endured the sick and insane and destructive four years of Trump deserves to celebrate as long as they feel like it. And then get to work rebuilding and repairing all the damage that was caused. On that note, we offer up yet another hilarious video to celebrate.

Slightly frightening and equal parts hilarious, a video of a deepfake Trump reading an election-themed holiday version of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer has popped up on the internet.  Sassy Justice is responsible for its creation and is the name of the new YouTube series by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

What is a deepfake? It is very likely you have seen one and maybe didn’t even know it, deepfakes use technology from artificial intelligence (AI) that can create digitally altered versions of pretty much anyone, although usually used for malicious intent, this time, is for pure entertainment purposes. 

In this take, Trump wears a mini Santa hat atop his head along with a festive Santa sweater.  The story unfolds the tale of Rudolph, the “best” reindeer that stands out from all others, this time no red nose, but a blonde toupee. 

This reindeer happens to coincidentally be the target of an unfair election in the story, yet the ending of the story takes a dark turn. In near tears, Trump reads what happened to the election because all the other reindeers cheated, the died,  and there was “no Christmas ever again” all because of a “sleepy-eyed” reindeer.   

This episode from Sassy Justice marks the channels 12th episode. The web series that centers around deepfake Trumps, played by actor Peter Serafinowicz.  This holiday meltdown of Trump a much needed end of year chuckle and final countdown until he is officially out of the WH. 

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