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Trump is Running in ’24



”America’s Comeback starts Right Now” is his new slogan

Donald Trump’s much trumpeted “very important announcement” was, as expected, a speech that recounted the “triumphs” hopes to own, and use for his upcoming 2024 campaign, which he officially announced.

“The ocean will rise 2/10ths of an inch in 200-300 years they say” was one of the absurdities launched during his unhinged speech rattling off his imagined greatness and power.

Deja Vu all over again? Is this for real? Apparently so.

A lot of speculation has been circulating that this announcement, and the timing of it, were motivated by the legal problems Trump faces. Since the announcement was incredibly early, the earliest in history for a non-incumbent, many believe that he hopes to use his status as an active candidate to somehow avoid looming indictments. The logic behind this is that an indictment of a likely nominee would be perceived as a “witch hunt” and A.G. Merrick Garland will find itmore difficult to proceed. With the first primary still fourteen months away, however, there will be plenty of time for the various cases to play out.


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