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Trump’s Lawyers submit Legal Docs: Misspelling ‘United States’ – Twice



Downhill from the start, with proofreading as optional

The defense team for Trump issued a response for his upcoming impeachment trial to the House of Representatives last week.  The document was widely mocked because the article, besides having questionable content, had egregious grammatical and spelling errors (within the first page).

The major spelling error, on the first page, addressed members of the “Unites” (instead of United) State Senate. 

The same mistake! Again! “Unites” States: (fix your spell checker and proofread?)

Less than a week after submitting their initial legal brief, the 78-page brief, again referred to the country Trump used to be a President as “Unites States”.

Within the initial filings, the newly installed attorneys to lead the impeachment trail: Bruce Castor and David Schoen argued that former president Trump should not face impeachment relating to the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection because he is out of office. 

From the Independent: They’re also reminiscent of the president and his allies’ chaotic legal effort to overturn the legitimate election results, where lawyers backing the president bungled basic composition somewhat regularly, once writing “DISTRCOICT” instead of “district,” and submitting another lawsuit with a promise it contained “plenty of perjury.”

The legal team continued using Trump’s unsubstantiated claims that the 2020 presidential election was “suspect”.

Another element that Trump’s defense is using is that the his freedom of speech was protected under the First Amendment. 

“The actions by the House make clear that in their opinion the 45th President does not enjoy the protections of liberty upon which this great Nation was founded, where free speech, and indeed, free political speech form the backbone of all American liberties,” the legal memo says. 

Twitter users were quick to respond back that someone’s rights to the First Amendment does have limits, one of which is a violent insurrection. 

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