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Trump’s Speech hilariously mirrors and mimics ‘Legally Blonde’ movie



Elle Woods for President 

A TikTok video by Truth Lies Shenanigans (@tlsliveshow) has shown the uncanny similarities of a speech in the comedy film “Legally Blonde” and a speech from Donald Trump. The TikTok went viral, and hilariously, Trump is now being accused of plagiarism.   

The words are not verbatim, yet the messages between the fictional character, Elle Woods played by Reese Witherspoon and Trump are hilariously nearly identical in nature. 

Elle Woods: “We take our next steps into the world…It is with passion…Courage of conviction…And most importantly…Have faith in yourself…We did it!”

Trump: “You must go forth into the world…Passion…Courage and your conviction…Most importantly…Be true to yourself…I did it!”

During “The Tonight Show” Jimmy Fallon also pointed out that Trump’s commencement speech at Liberty University in Virginia, back in 2017, eerily matches Elle Wood’s speech she gives to her fellow graduates at Harvard Law school. 

Coincidentally or not, Legally Blonde is also making a come back.  “Legally Blonde” originally premiered back in 2001, with the sequel in 2003.  MGM announced back in October that the 3rd installment of the film will be coming sometime around May 2022.  

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