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Twitter Video of Ozark Pool Party is a Hit for all the Wrong Reasons



twitter Video of Pool Party in Osage Beach, Missouri

After a Wild Memorial Day of Beach Parties, BBQ and Pools Gone Wild is the 2nd Wave Coming?

Anyone who’s seen the stories or noticed what’s been trending on twitter knows by now that the extended holiday weekend was a scene for the ages. It appears that our patience with lockdowns and quarantines is not just running out, it has literally exploded into its opposite.

The video above, of a pool party sans distancing, in the area made famous by the Netflix series “Ozark” is just one of many examples of a wild weekend that seems to have surpassed even pre-pandemic levels of reveling and rioting.

In Los Angeles, perhaps due to the aversion to flying to out-of-town destinations during a pandemic, the beaches were mobbed like it was 4th of July 2018. Photos of Venice beach circulated twitter on Saturday and the whole weekend appeared to have elevated traffic levels above what is traditionally seen on otherwise sleepy holiday weekends.

This out-come was generally feared by the medical experts, and it appears that other than professionals and medical front-line personnel no-one was considering the 1918 pandemic experience where a too early loosening of quarantine controls resulted in a powerful second wave of the flu epidemic a month or so later.

From Sea to Shining Sea hardly a mask to be seen…

Not only on the West Coast, but all the way on the other side of the country in North Carolina, crowds gathered to celebrate. The video below shows a NASCAR crowd whooping it up to the whining engines, shoulder to shoulder with no mask in sight. There appears to be an “instinct” and a feeling among the US population that there’s no longer any need to pay any attention to the coronavirus or contagious diseases of any kind. Let’s hope that feeling is “magical” cause, if not, June is going to be a blowback party of the wrong sort.

The scary part, if you are among those that actually believe the scientific studies, is that the highest level of contagion is during the asymptomatic phase of a person that has contracted the virus. This would imply that any one of these healthy looking folks could be an asymptomatic carrier and could transmit to dozens, hundreds or even thousands as they come in contact. Can’t help but think of the choir in Washington State that shared the infection at a practice session at a rate of almost 90%. 2 died within 14 days.

So let’s hope that this is the day we all get a “pass” from above and that it is not the beginning of any new wave of cases or, worse. Let’s just enjoy the sunshine, our youth and some burgers and brews. And hope for the best.

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Venice Beach, Memorial Day Weekend, May, 2020. Photo / Twitter


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