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20,000 of Trump’s false claims plastered for display on ‘Wall of Lies’



huge colorful and visual reminder of Trump’s years of lying…

A 50 foot wide by 10 foot tall wall mural went up Saturday, October 3, 2020 in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York and was dubbed as the “Wall of Lies.”  Tom Tenney, an executive director for a non-profit internet radio station called Radio Free Brooklyn, and Phil Buehler, a photographer, are responsible for the creation.

The outdoor wall has more than 20,000 false, misleading claims or lies that Trump has made during his first four year term in office.  All of the lies on displayed were sourced from, and recorded on, the ‘Fact Checker’ database by The Washington Post.   The WP Fact Checker has an ongoing database of false claims made by Trump, to date. For example, in 1,267 days Trump has made 20,055 false or misleading claims (the data was last updated July 9, 2020), and this number is sure to keep rising all the way up until the November 3rd election.

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“We came up with this idea of finding an empty space big enough in Bushwick to actually display them. Even in 16-point type, it’s a lot of real estate that it takes up. Visually, you really get a sense of being able to step back and take in the enormity.” 

Tom Tenney / Creator of “The Wall of Lies”

Glenn Kessler, the editor and chief writer for The Washington Post’s Fact Checker, noted on his social media page that the database that helped to inspire the wall was also used for the primary source material for the book by the Post titled, “Donald Trump and His Assault on Truth”.

During his term Trump has averaged 12 lies per day

The display of claims are arranged in chronological order as well assorting various colors. The different colors on the wall are coded based on category: yellow is for Russia,  pink for the environment, green for coronavirus, etc). Very helpful.

Below are a few example of some of the misleading claims Trump said that are highlighted on the “Wall of Lies” display in Bushwick:

  • “The reason that Mexico is so good — because they do have very, very tough immigration. They don’t have the kind of things and the kind of stupidity that we have. I mean, where somebody touches one foot on our sand and we now have to bring them into a court. We then have to register them. We then have to catch and release them.” 
  • “Blue-color workers are doing fantastic. They’re the biggest beneficiary of the tax cuts, the blue collar. Blue collar.”
  • “Many, many of the great auto companies are coming back into Michigan. They’re coming back into Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, North Carolina.
  • “African American…unemployment have reached their lowest levels ever in the history of our country.”
  • “We’re taking in billion and billions of dollars in tariff.  I’m giving billions of dollars back to the farmers because they pinpointed the farmers.”

The wall, understandably, has garnered a lot of attention. Due to this massive popularity the creators decided to keep the wall up all the way until the election, instead of sticking to the original plan to remove on that next day. Senate Democratic Leader, Chuck Schumer stopped to take a look at the wall.

It is truly stunning to view this physical representation of something that will likely never be matched: A torrent of Presidential lies so huge that it fills a wall. A permanent memorial should be erected to warn future generations of the cost of electing a “reality TV con-man and huckster” to the highest office in the land…

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