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Watch Mercury Transit across the Sun: last time until 2032 – starts at 7 a.m. ET



Mercury Transit Across Sun
Mercury Transit / NASA

The Celestial Event of the year is happening now

This Monday, November 11th, will mark Mercury’s journey or transit where the planet passes between Earth and will be visible as it moves across the face of the Sun. The last transit happened in May of 2016 and will not happen again until 2032. According to NASA, this planetary event should be widely visible to most of the World and will lasts a little under six hours, making it convenient for most to be able to catch a glimpse.  

Mercury will begin its trek and can be viewed starting at 7 a.m. ET and ending at around 1:45 ET, those in the west coast will have to wait until the sun rises to see anything. The tiny planet (the smallest planet in our Solar System) will be seen as a small round black sphere moving against the bright Sun. Mercury will cover an extremely small fraction 1/283 of the Sun’s diameter.

All those with interests in viewing the phenomenon that have access to a telescope (or binoculars) will have to utilize a minimum magnification of 50x and most importantly have proper solar filters to prevent damage to the eyes. Even without a telescope, it is advised to never look directly into the Sun without proper protective eyewear. The Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) will be closely watching and recording video and images that can be seen safely in the comfort of any screen at nearly real time by visiting NASA’s 2019 Mercury Transit page.

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