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Year of the Pig Due Shortly, Lucky Days Ahead?

What can we learn from a short crash course in Chinese Astrology just in time for the Lunar New Year?



Year of the Dog Ends February 4, 2019, according to Chinese Zodiac

photo: ©Adobe Stock

The Chinese Zodiac assigns an animal to each year (in the lunar year, more on this below) for 12 years, after which the cycle repeats. Just as a person born on July 30th is considered a “Leo” or lion in Western Astrology, a person born in the year of the Pig a.k.a. Boar carries characteristics assigned to their birth year animal, in this case the Pig.

The next year of the Pig begins on February 5th due to the difference between the Chinese lunar calendar year and the Western (Gregorian) New Year. The year of the Pig will end, for example, on January 24th, 2020, which will lead us to the year of the Rat.

The twelve animal signs are depicted above. Each is surrounded by the associated elements and the years over the last 100 that were linked to each animal sign. photo: Adobe Stock

The twelfth of the animal year signs (bottom right in the image above), the Pig is said to be lucky, of mild constitution and reflects the characteristics of carefree fun, wealth and good fortune. People born under this sign are said to be trusting, honest, brave, sincere and easygoing, but also may show signs of stubbornness, self-indulgence and be petulant, materialistic or even lazy!

Each Pig year has unique qualities and characteristics, partially due to the element that it is associated with. 2019 is an “Earth Pig” in the cycle of elements, as can also be seen in the graphic above.

Also known as the Female Brown Earth Pig, she will arrive in the 4,716th Chinese Year (!) and is said to portend a very lucky year. Colors for the year are yellow, gold, gray and brown so it can also be seen as a lucky golden (yellow) Pig!

Virility is also associated with the Pig, based, according to folk legend, on the huge litter of piglets that are almost always produced by an expecting sow. In China, couples trying to conceive often prominently display a portrait of a lucky golden pig above their bed in order to assist (spiritually) with the process.

It’s all a bit complicated for a Westerner, but the combination of the Pig designation for 2019 and the animal year of your birth allows you to consult a Chinese astrologer as to what this year of the Pig may hold in store for you personally.

Although many may see this as far-fetched hog wash, at least in some parts of Germany they share the positive view of the Pig. The saying for getting lucky is literally “having had a Pig” (“Wir haben schwein gehabt“) and lucky pig trinkets and stuffed animal toys abound at the turn of the year (every new year, not just in the year of the Pig).

Indeed, many cultures around the world view the Pig as a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Here in the USA, for example, a piggy bank is an omnipresent reminder of the positive connection between the Pig and money. Naturally, we also use the negative connection as well, “greedy pig” being a typical epithet hurled at those thought to be taking more than their fair share.

Considering the virtually endless tumult around the world in the year 2018, it seems we could all use a little luck and good fortune!

It can also be said, justifiably so, that many positives were initiated during the year of the Dog. Hopefully, the 2019 Pig will carry that mantle forward and use her hard-working spirit to bring about more positive changes.

If you were born in the year of the Pig (1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007) you can help us all with your lucky, honest temperament to find prosperity, peace and cooperation in 2019!

photo: © Monique Ly

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