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12 Methods to Becoming Smarter



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It is generally agreed that one reliable way to measure one’s intelligence is via aptitude tests like IQ scores. And a person’s IQ typically remains fairly consistent throughout adulthood.

Various brain exercises including puzzles as well as eating nutritious foods and getting proper sleep can also help you to maintain optimal use of your brainpower.

So how is it possible to become “smarter”? Well, the answer is by utilizing the raw brainpower capabilities you already possess and harnessing those cognitive abilities. Check out the various mental models that were developed by author Michael Simmons. These models are ways to look at reality to help make better decisions.

In the graphic below he has broken down 12 ways to improve methods of using the brain power that you already posses.

By taking these and developing the ways that you can make the most of their potential, and then by mixing them with one another synergistically, the potential for improvement is limitless.

You can also click on the link below for a larger resolution version, or visit Michael’s Medium page for more…

link to higher resolution version

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