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167,000 Deaths and Counting: Lincoln Project ad says Trump is building a different kind of Wall




Trump’s Wall

The Lincoln Project released an ad in July that paints a truly grim picture of how Trump has handled coronavirus.  In it, the clip starts with the fact that America leads the world in COVID-19 deaths and ultimately slams President Trump for failing to properly handle the coronavirus pandemic. Nearing the middle of August, this still unfortunately rings true. The President has repeatedly been quoted that the virus will just magically “disappear” one day despite the reality that the virus is far from gone. 

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With continued record breaking positive cases on a daily basis, it is clear that there has been an inadequate response in the now unprecedented health catastrophe. The virus has drastically changed the facet of what “normal” everyday life now looks like: remote working and education, sporadic bar and gym re-opening and closures, limited dine-in restaurants and with movie theaters and Hollywood at a standstill. Yet the President continues to downplay the severity, referring to coronavirus on his Twitter as the “China Virus” and claiming “We are doing really well”.

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The Lincoln Project currently holds the singular mission of 2020 to defeat Donald Trump and ensure he is not reelected this coming November. However, there have been various outlets that have recently brought to the public’s attention that the conservative Republican headed PAC and its founders’ history may not align with the Democratic Party. Critics are skeptic about the PAC’s true agenda as they have historically made it their mission to help appoint Republicans in office. 

The end image of the advert clip shows a wall comprised of coffins to represent the lives lost from the pandemic while also referencing Trump’s United States-Mexico border wall.  Laying out gruesome facts that those that have died because of the virus would fill more than 1,160 football fields and if placed side by side would span over 66 miles. 

The Lincoln Project is responsible for many advertisements in the past months and undoubtedly will continue to pump more out as November approaches. Although the PAC’s end game may currently be in question, what is clear is that viewers should take the video ad clips as they are and at face value. The founders may not necessarily be Pro-Biden, but they are without a doubt Anti-Trump and for the time being, isn’t that enough.  

“Millions of families will never be the same again. It’s imperative we vote him out this November.”  

Lincoln Project co-founder John Weaver

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