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2 Tweets + video are all you need: see the insane state of the Republican Party




Provocation bulls-eye as the Mooch taunts Trump on Fox

The Lincoln Project consists of anti-Trump republicans, led by George Conway, husband of Kellyanne, and their disgust with the current occupant of the White House seems to grow daily. Though perhaps the best known Republican organization devoted to removing Trump, the Right Side PAC, also founded by Republicans including Anthony Scaramucci, former White House communications director, along with Republican Voters Against Trump aka RVAT are also concentrating on working to consolidate the anti-Trump vote among Republicans, specifically.

All in all this has recently made for some interesting fireworks in the twittersphere and there have been some truly classic anti-Trumps ads produced, some of which we have featured recently (see the newest, above).

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One successful strategy employed by all of the groups mentioned above, that appears to be working, is to attempt to “hit a nerve” and provoke a reaction, since, ultimately, Trump is the absolute best at making Trump look bad.

Alternative version of Mount Rushmore

Above: Photo by Pauley Teeks via Twitter

The overall plan of elephants vs. their own appears to have legs…

This plan appears to have hit the motherlode in a recent exchange that produced a typically trashy Trump reaction and some amazing replies – a “mano a mano” tweet-war cage-match exclusively among Republicans on either side of the great Trump divide. After this it will be a canyon.

Scaramucci was interviewed Sunday night on Fox, on the show “The Next Revolution”, a pro-Trump Fox news staple, hosted by Steve Hilton. As could be expected, Trump was apparently glued to the tube as the show aired live and couldn’t resist tweeting a personal attack tweet directed at Scaramucci.

You could almost hear the chorus of “gotcha” from the Trump baiting pros as they responded with biting and incisive clarity and started an avalanche of critics and observers:

Then George laid it out in black & white (stripes):

With plenty of memes to spare:

In case you missed it:

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