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AirPods Pro will have Spatial Audio and Seamless Switching in iOS 14 update, coming this Fall



videoclip Showing New Airpods Pro Features Revealed at apple WWDC 2020

A greatly improved audio experience is about to get even better..

Apple announced during the first ever virtual WWDC 2020 event that there will be some significant updates to the AirPods and AirPods Pro that will further enhance the audio experience for the Apple headphone user. The iOS 14 update is expected to be available to the public later this year, most likely around September, which is when the iPhone 12 is also anticipated to be released.  If you practically live with your AirPods in your ears, these two big features will make you happy.

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Seamless Switching coming soon…

AirPods Pro
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Another small but appreciated update will offer a battery status update, which will notify users when it is time to charge your headphones.  No more totally dead AirPods – hooray! Click here to see Apple Watch deals on Amazon.

AirPods are currently pretty simple and easy to pair to any Apple device, just open the battery case near your iPhone and done. With the new update, the pairing will be even easier, with the new feature called “Seamless Switching”, this is where you will be able to switch between your different Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple Watch) without having to manually switch or connect. For example if you have your AirPods connected to your iPad while watching a TV show, but during that time you get a phone call on your iPhone, your AirPods will know and automatically switch accordingly, then can switch back to your iPad. This is major if you have multiple Apple devices. The Seamless Switching feature will work with AirPods Pro, AirPods (2nd generation), Powerbeats, Powerbeats Pro, and Beats Solo Pro. In order for the feature to work you will have to have an active iCloud account.

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Spatial Audio is a Huge New feature for APP

Spatial Audio is another major feature that will be available on AirPods Pro as part of the iOS 14 update which is set to be released in the fall. Unfortunately Spatial Audio will not be available for regular AirPods but for the Air Pods Pro exclusively. The feature creates an immersive surround-sound experience much like that of being in the movie theaters.

How are they able to create theater-like surround sound? Apple will be utilizing data from the AirPods Pro accelerometer and gyroscope to detect any movement from both headphone and device. This means that the sounds will stay consistent and in sync and allow the sound to come from all angles: left, right, front, back, and even above, mimicking what happens when you move your head while sitting in the movie theater. If you are watching a movie and you turn your head with your Pros on, the audio perspective will adjust to your movement maintaining the illusion of “place” and creating a strong sense of directionality. If you accidentally move the device, such as an iPad, on which you are viewing film, the movement will be detected and, again, the source directionality of the sound will automatically adjust accordingly.

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AirPods Pro and tvOS 14

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Apple will also be updating the audio sharing features on AirPods’ with Apple TV to allow two users to watch a TV show or a movie together. The sharing capabilities will require the new tvOS update – tvOS 14.  With all original televisions shows, new monthly additions, and new originals coming in the future, streaming using Apple TV with a partner will make the experience sweeter and more in sync.

In addition to the upcoming new features, Apple also has a new AirPods Pro firmware available which should automatically download. The previous version, 2D15 will be replaced with the newest version 2D27 and marks the 4th update since the AirPods Pro launch. If you are curious what version of firmware your device currently is set to, go to the Settings App on your iPhone, select General, then About, then AirPods Pro.

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