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Anyone got Norton 360? Now you’re a Crypto Miner



Norton has announced integrated Ethereum mining software

Norton Antivirus software, and the company that makes it, NortonLifeLock , best known for being bundled annoyingly in new Windows computers, has announced via press release that they intend to bundle a feature they call “Norton™ Crypto”.

The feature which they say will be added to Norton360 starting tomorrow for “early adopters” to begin mining from within the already installed software.

They are also, with a very helpful tone, declaring that they will also bundle an ethereum wallet which will be safely stored in “the cloud” so it won’t be lost.

They do not specify any minimum computing requirements but they do say that :

“Norton Crypto is expected to become available to all Norton 360 customers1 in the coming weeks.”

Yo’ dude this shit’s getting real

So, although this comes off as a somewhat desperate attempt to try and maintain relevance after likely millions of forced installations are never monetized (just a guess) it nevertheless could send millions of civilians into crypto mining without “just a few clicks”.

This brings up so many questions immediately it’s a bit mind-boggling. Although the first media reactions, predictably, mention “environmental” issues and take a negative tone, doubting why anyone would want to risk “taxing” the computer’s GPU for such a task.

Of course questions such as how mining efficiency would be affected by millions of “micro-miners” there is also the question of why wouldn’t a virus software subscriber want to essential use their idle computer resources to pay for the software itself (cut to happy Norton execs congratulating themselves on the genius idea).

Above:Photo Credit / Norton

Could there be another story here? Mainstream experience with crypto, demystifying the blockchain?

Further and more interestingly. If more mainstream software companies and even service subscription software companies follow suit and millions if not hundreds of millions of average people begin collecting small months ethereum “dividends”, even if only $10 per month, how easy is it to put the Genie back into the bottle, so to speak?

When millions are not “irresponsibly” using dollars or euros to purchase cryptocurrencies, but rather, instead “earn” a few extra dollars, once the coins are traded for local “hard” (read: fiat) currencies, here and there for each computer or GPU they own, can the whole thing, like green stamps, air miles, credit card loyalty program be suddenly outlawed?

As appears everywhere more and more on a daily basis, isn’t crypto, via Bitcoin, Ethereum and many various alt coins, become more and more woven into the financial system? Isn’t the number of people who own, buy or even mine crypto exploding exponentially on a daily basis?

Isn’t this just one more sign that the trend of crypto becoming “normalized” and woven more and more deeply into the fabric of our lives is not likely to reverse itself?

Yes. That’s the answer. More news tomorrow, probably.

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