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Apple near deal to produce film of Michael Lewis Book on Sam Bankman-Fried & FTX Collapse



In an incredible coincidence, Lewis had access before and during the drama

Michael Lewis book on Sam Bankman-Fried & FTX is near a deal with Apple. With competition from Amazon and Netflix – the film of the book on the fiasco is likely to be an Apple Feature film exclusive.

The fast moving story of the collapse of the one-time crypto billionaire wunderkind is about to go into overdrive. Apparently, as per a story in Deadline, Michael Lewis, of “The Big Short” and “MoneyBall” fame spent nearly six months with Bankman-Fried, ostensibly writing a very different story, one that has morphed into the scoop of the century as he watched the collapse of FTX and its founder’s world up close, pen in hand.

Rumors have it that Adam McKay, director of “The Big Short” and “Don’t Look Up” will eventually be attached, but for now, it appears that Apple has outbid both Amazon and Netflix for the feature film rights to the story.

A shocking and riveting story takes yet another twist

The story is of Sam Bankman-Fried & FTX’s rise and fall, with his personal estimated net worth crashing from a short lived peak at over twenty billion, to his current situation with zero and facing possible charges after resigning as CEO as FTX filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy.

The unfolding drama has been hot and the details spewing out in the media and TikTok with a ferocious fervor, and now, with the author who has shown himself to be particularly adept at telling complicated financial stories and making them human and understandable on board, whew, it just got bigger.

The incredibly fortuitous coincidence that the book was six Months in the writing already as the historic collapse unfolded is likely to make for a once in a lifetime cinematic event.

Many have already called the FTX collapse “bigger than Madoff” or the greatest company collapse in history, and now the larger than life rise and fall will be chronicled both in an upcoming guaranteed bestseller, and in the, likely to be, Apple branded feature film.

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