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World Cup without Beer but Armbands are in, just don’t hold hands



A bizarre day as the President celebrates 80 –

Several European teams refused to back down and plan to wear controversial “one love” armbands in protest of the alleged human rights violations by the host country Qatar. They maybe be fined or given yellow cards but that remains to be seen.

As for beer it’s definitely in short supply in the country that does not allow alcoholic displays in public.

Displays in public, you say? Holding hands and most definitely kissing are frowned upon and could get you in trouble – although that may be an exaggeration since there’s been an exception made for the duration of the games.

Local laws and customs grate on visitors nerves

It is illegal to be gay in Qatar, and if convicted, can result in a sentence of up to three years and a fine, and campaigning for LGBTQ+ rights is also not allowed.

All in all the setting has been criticized already my many attending and playing in the games. Without beer it may be likely for those complaints to continue.

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