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Billie Eilish Strikes again on TikTok: “Slumber Party” Rehearsal (X)



“we r hot” show dance rehearsal with commentary (hilarious sexy fun)

After her wild Ukulele post popped up on her crazy subterranean TikTok account and a couple of random posts since, today Billi Eilish posted what appears to be a impromptu reversal video with some hilarious commentary. Set to the song “Lost Cause” (very hot now).

The account which only has 8 videos since it first popped up has 29.6 million followers (of course!) and 122.2 millions likes, and the video (below) already has 3.2 million in the first hour. Today’s video dropped around 4:30 PM Pacific time on June 3, 2021. The first full video on the account – other than the Ukulele post mentioned above. That one went live on November 13, 2020.

It’s pretty clear from the humor, voice over and the attitude that Billie loves the vibe and spontaneity of TikTok and this video and her rogue account style fits right in!

LInk to Video on TikTok

Even at the relatively elderly summit of 19 her sultry, dark style along with top of the world presence continues to command loyalty and love for her music and style. Her recent biographical photo book was also a hit and the new songs will likely continue at the top of our summer list. The documentary is great also.

Oh, and the WORLD TOUR starts in September! Starting off, where else? Las Vegas.

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