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Billie Eilish makes her “secret” TikTok Debut and the content is…Wow



Shared Anecdote from her childhood leads to shocking physiological demonstration for the ages

Billie Eilish has jumped on the TikTok bandwagon and made her debut on the popular (potentially soon-to-be shut-down?) social media platform on Friday.  Her appearance is almost shockingly stark and impromptu; as is somewhat the norm for TikTok videos. Nevertheless seeing her calm, collected and insanely disheveled then proceeding to ram an entire Ukulele Head into her outstretched mouth does take things a bit, um. Out-there. 

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One wonders, will she regret this in 5 years? Or is this just a bravely frank illustration of her strength of character? A deeper look into her private-yet-public ethos for fashion with her mix of Chanel Accessories and intently baggy body-hiding outfits?… Maybe just a selfie-video-goof on a boring off-day.

Only a couple days of the account being live and two posts in, she’s already quickly racked up tons of followers, with 4.3 million and 25 million likes.  Her amusing username, which initially appeared to be an attempt to hide the fact that this is coming from the biggest music star on the freaking planet, in other words, a secret account, has now been widely disseminated via the media @coochiedestroyer5.

New Account, of course, goes viral immediately

In her first video she tests out the viral Time Warp scan filter.  In her latest video, Eilish attempts a quite unusual challenge, apparently, something she did once when she was 15 years old – trying to fit the head of a ukulele into her mouth.  Ultimately she ends up gifting her followers with the insanely hilarious results.  

Billie TikTok debut comes shortly after she’s just released her latest song and music video for “Therefore I am”. 

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