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Brad Pitt’s next Action Thriller is coming: Revealed by the Deceitful new Teaser for ‘Bullet Train’



Screen Grab / Teaser Trailer / Sony Pictures

Book bodes well for Suspense and Action

The 30 second teaser trailer from Sony Pictures starring Brad Pitt has just been released. The video clip comes off as an advertisement for the Nippon Speed Line (NSL), a (fictional) new and fast mode of transportation, with beautiful scenery of Japan alongside soothing and tranquil music. Yet, it appears anything but as we are left with the last frame of battered face Brad Pitt (who plays a character name Lady Bug).

The tag line “Get on Board March 2” is presumably when we can expect the official trailer to be released. The action thriller is based on the international best selling book by Japanese author Kotaro Isaka.

The film follows a group of assassins that are traveling together on a bullet train, soon coming to realize that their individual missions are, in fact, connected. High Speeds, violence and chaos will naturally follow.

Brad Pitt isn’t the only big name within the cast, there are also Sandra Bullock, Joey King, Michael Shannon and Logan Lerman, to name a few. And that’s not mentioning director Leitch who’s onboard, best known best for his work in “John Wick”.

“Bullet Train” is currently scheduled for theatrical release July 15, 2022.

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