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Celery Juice: Fad or Cosmic Redemption?

Skeptic or true believer, likely little harm can come from trying this highly touted new tonic.



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Looking for a way to kick-start your day? If social media is any indicator, it appears many are turning to an unlikely source: a cool cocktail of celery juice.

Best known as a very low calorie, high fiber, stalk for chomping while dieting, the juice option for celery is catching on as a healthy, refreshing drink option. 

Long known as a low-calorie vegetable, it is also high in vitamins such as Vitamin A, K and C as well as being a source of potassium and, of course, the aforementioned high dose of fiber (even in juice form, apparently).

Additionally, celery juice is said to be an anti-inflammatory agent and a contributor to gut health and ease of digestion. (And who doesn’t need that!).

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Judging from numerous articles, books and posts on social media interest in the unusual beverage has had a spike in interest of late. Public figures and influencers attest to the many perceived benefits and confess to drinking a minimum daily dose, which many claim has lead to weight loss and improved feelings of well being and overall health.

One major reason for this increase of riders on the celery juice bandwagon may be due to the influence of Anthony Williams, self-proclaimed pioneer of the celery juice movement, also known as the Medical Medium.  

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Williams is an author of four New York Times bestselling books with a strong celebrity following.  On his site, he layouts the “miracles” of celery juices and how drinking sixteen ounces daily on an empty stomach can promote, heal and reverse many health related issues.

So, skeptic or true believer, likely little harm can come from a dip in the celery juice oasis. Any testimonials or comments welcome.

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