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Deutsche Bank-VTB Trump Story sparks Trending Tags on Twitter but so far no Mainstream Coverage



Trump Petulant

According to whistleblower, Documents he Inherited connect Trump Loans to Russian Entity – indirectly

Val Broeksmit, the son of Bill Broeksmit, a former senior Deutche Bank executive who committed suicide in 2014, has surfaced at this intense juncture with evidence that at least some of Trump’s now infamous Deutsche Bank loans were indirectly tied to a Russian financial entity.

Val Broeksmit’s personal story was recently updated in the New York Times in a piece called “Me and My Whistle-Blower” which the author David Enrich indicated was also research for his upcoming book “Dark Towers”.

According to Enrich, although Broeksmit’s directly related verbal information is often unreliable due to drug use and other personal issues, the data provided in the form of email and documents is rock solid: “In this article, every detail not directly attributed to Mr. Broeksmit has been corroborated by documents, recordings or an independent source”

While Enrich may be holding some juicy evidence back for his book, scheduled for release on February 18, 2020, it is unlikely that the ultimate linchpin in the Deutsche Bank / Trump story would remain hidden this long, only to be revealed in a book, but it is possible.

In the meantime Val Broeksmit a.k.a. @BikiniRobotArmy is teasing via Scot Stedman at Forensic News, whose web site is mysteriously down, a story, based on connections to Broeksmit and documents he possessed, that a portion of Trump’s Deutsche Bank loans were indirectly linked to Russian company VTB.

If the Documents go Deep it’s Huge, but So Far they are not Confirmed

As far as can be seen only a few smaller outlets picked up the story shortly before the original was unavailable due to the outage at Forensic News, for example “Inquisitr”. The article presents a summary of the original story and quotes the Deutsche Bank twitter response:

“More responsible news outlets have either investigated and avoided, or retracted, similar allegations as there is no truth to them,”

Deutsche Bank via Twitter

While it is true that larger media outlets have yet to follow up on this thread, the information trail does not appear to be at its conclusion and there me be details yet to come out that can be more widely corroborated.

According the the original Forensic News story, which is available in document form from download site Scribd, during the time that the web site is inaccessible, documentation, which they inspected, provided by Val Broeksmit, indicates that at least some of the loans extended to Trump where not from Deutsche Bank directly but rather a subsiary Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas (DBTCA) which had ties to VTB.

While not the smoking gun that was implied in the somewhat sensational title, this entire somewhat convoluted story to date, appears to indicate that the ongoing investigations into Trump financial dealings with Deutsche Bank are rife with potential bombshells.

Although Deutsche Bank is relying on “more responsible news outlets” to stay silent about possible negative connections to Trump, at the very least David Enrich’s book release, in February, is likely to contain a detailed account of this and much more potentially damning information about the inner workings of the bank.

It’s also not much of a stretch, as was mentioned in the NYT article sited above, that Val Broeksmit might just fulfill his dream of one day seeing a movie about his father and the scandals at Deutsche Bank that surrounded his death, if the threads of “Dark Towers” continue and expand.

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