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Elon Musk waxes Philosophic in Tweet: ‘That is what drives me’



Elon Musk Dancing in Shanghai

Using Language that evokes his well known comments regarding the reasons why a mission, and eventually colony, on Mars is his passion, Elon Musk just tweeted that he is inspired by curiosity.

Further, that it is curiosity that drives him.

And then, in a more generalized summation of his thoughts regarding human consciousness, he implores us to join him in a journey leading to an expansion of the ‘scope and scale of consciousness’, “that we may aspire to understand the universe”.

After a weekend barrage of humorous and meme oriented tweets and replies such a serious and thoughtful note comes across as a rare and special occurrence.

Although just an anecdotal and non-scientific study a random browsing of his account also shows a seemingly large increase in the number of replies comments and other interactions with accounts of all types.

He seems to be in a truly jovial and generous mood this weekend showering compliments on random posts related or even unrelated to him personally.

It’s fantastic to see this, and must be incredible for some of the lucky individuals and organizations that he is bringing attention to via his 80 million followers.
He even posted replies to his initial tweet above:

And weighing in on nearly anything he reads:

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