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Elon Musk’s Real Reason for Buying Twitter is…



Revealed by Kyrstin Munson (ex-Tesla)

According to her LinkedIn page Kyrstin Munson worked at Tesla for over 10 years. In her twitter feed she lays out her (obviously unauthorized) idea of the “real” reason Elon Musk bought Twitter.

With all the political and random madness surrounding the short time since Musk took over the bird, this explanation, is in a strange way perhaps the least crazy of all.

Perhaps (probably?) she is projecting the Tesla philosophy, one that has been extremely successful, onto this new seemingly spontaneous endeavor, but as odd as it sounds, it could very well be the thinking behind it all.

Buying Twitter to try to improve communication, and in particular, communication around climate change and how we can overcome its massive challenges, but couched in a format that is “disguised … as something awesome and way more fun”, does seem like something a guy hoping to “die on mars” might do.

Crazy like a Shiba Inu

This bizarre take on his motives is perhaps just crazy enough to make some kind of sense. Only thing is with polls measuring how many bots want Trump’s account re-instated and various other insane actions and ultimatums, it’s harder than ever to picture any kind of real communication going on, “awesome and way more fun” or not!

The full extremely long series of tweets (twenty tweets and self-replies) can be seen at her account @ThisisKyrstin and, it does ramble on with little to offer other than a sort of pro Elon take on the whole debacle. Accordingly, the replies to her tweet barrage were mostly mildly negative, if not out and out slams. Some, very positive, and all in all another oddball ride into the current chaos on the platform.

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