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GameStop, Dogecoin, Robinhood and Stonks: What’s going on!? We’ve got the real answers here



Confusing? Yea, but at the bottom it all it’s just…(parody)

It you have followed any of the unfolding madness with the “retail investors” and the revolution of unstoppable market manipulation that is heroic, not criminal cause, um, the other guys (Wall Street) are much more criminal.

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The problem is, it’s all true! Yes, the idea that pumping up GameStop, which is basically a random stock that was cheap and easy to pump. This is basically making a mockery of the traditional idea of investing and of the laws against stock manipulation. But the market is, as so many are pointing out, basically a sham already.

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A lot is made of the bad and nasty “shorts” who think that, just because GameStop is a company with basically no future prospects, they think the price would like, do down. Strange. That’s ok though, we can pump it up and the squeeze force the shorty shorts to cover (buy back shares) and that will send the price soaring.

short shorts by Tesla

Then we can all be like the Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort and also totally like The “Big Short” guy, Michael Burry, who was played by Christian Bale in the movie, and even though it was about going short, it’s sill ok, cause, Christian Bale.

2008 was bad and done by very bad people that got away with it

And yes, it’s pretty much all a nasty business. But the nasty pros are the worst. And the whole system is a sham. And, anyway 2008. Right. Maybe this is like occupy Wall Street but for real. Occupy it literally inside of the market. Where they live.

So, in a nutshell it’s a mockery of a sham. And a travesty. So it’s a mockery of a sham and a travesty.

Seriously., though, perhaps pumping cheap stocks from around 5-10$ up to $500 or higher by coordinated buying executed by internet mobs should be made legal. Each “investor” can jump in and out where-ever they choose and daisy-chain into the wealth that dreams are made of.

Universal basic is basically good, really good

Perhaps this can be the new government stimulus plan. Give every citizen a “free” stock buying app like Robinhood (but a new one cause we all hate those guys now) and have each account pre-loaded with, say, $1000.

Then let everyone know that it’s ok to join Reddit groups or watch TikTok stock market gurus and everyone, like a swarm of locusts can just pump a stock up to the moon and then sell and crash it and move on to the next one.

Naturally, it will be necessary to always start with a stock that is cheap so the early buyers can get really, really rich when the stock (who care what company it is, right?) goes up around 32,000% is, say, a week. That’d be good.

I am looking for how this casino of the common man would be worse that the current system, and it’s hard to find a flaw. Maybe read a book? Naw, just buy and buy and get rich with stonks forever. Amen.

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