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‘I Care a Lot’: Netflix’s latest wild psychological Thriller



Above: Photo / Netflix

Get ready for an entertaining showcase of hilarious yet predatory wickedness 

Watch out for Marla Grayson in Netflix’s “I Care a Lot”, she’s truly bad, bad to the bone. The crooked legal guardian played by Rosamund Pike is all about the next opportunity. 

Grayson and business partner Fran are hawks, able to easily identify rich powerless older clients. She traps them in her care by declaring them mentally incompetent and then drains all their savings.   

Marla then meets her latest mark, Jennifer Peterson, played by Dianne Wiest who has a nice amount in her savings and no apparent living relatives.

This time around, she may have finally met her match, when up pops some unexpected baggage she was definitely not prepared for. Those that have watched the movie have called it “diabolical ruthlessness“, “unapologetically sour” and “a sleekly unnerving thriller“.

In addition to Pike and Wiest, the film stars Peter Dinklage, Eiza González, Chris Messina, Alicia Witt, Isiah Whitlock Jr. and Macon Blair. Available to stream starting February 19, 2021 on Netflix. 

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