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iPhone Photography Awards Announced, Volume 10: Other and Series



Above: short video introducing our iphone photography awards series

In this, the Final Article in a Series Featuring all the Winners, See Photos of the Top Three Awards for the Categories: Other and Series

Pushing creativity to the limits of the imagination – or just taking what feels interesting and puting together later into a series. In volume 10, the final installment of our coverage, the categories that go above and beyond, so to speak, are shown.

Established in 2007, IPPAWARDS have featured the worlds best iPhone photographers and photos since the iPhone’s inception. The deadline to enter the next years program is March 2020, so, use these great images as inspiration to take your best shot. Who knows, it might be you taking the Grand Prize in 2020!

First Place Winner, Other : Neri Rivas

First place Other photo shot in Busan, South Korea, on an iPhone X by Sari Sutton – IPPAWARDS
Photo of Sari Sutton – IPPAWARDS

”Sari likes to explore the intersection between the natural and human-constructed, industrial elements of the landscape through her photography. She has a keen interest in abstract composition and the conceptual. Her photographic practice includes art, landscape, street, social and environmental documentary. She is a member of the ‘Unexposed Collective’ of Australian women/ non-binary street photographers and her work has been shown in a number of group exhibitions.”

”I loved the playful surrealist symbolism of this modest painted building, visually merging architecture and nature, physical object and void, in an unpretentious yet conceptually very clever way.”

Second Place, Other : Kirill Voynovskiy

Second place Other photo shot in Maryland, USA, on an iPhone 7 by Dyllon Wolf – IPPAWARDS
Photo of Dyllon Wolf – IPPAWARDS

”I am a 19 year old college student from Maryland studying Biology and Psychology at the University of Utah. Photography has always been a major interest of mine and I have been taking photos with my iPhone ever since I got my first one in 2013. I love using knowledge from my college classes to find and compose unique photos of ordinary things that I wouldn’t have found interesting before.”

”We received a large package with an absurd amount of this brown packing paper and my younger brother and I decided to get creative with it.”

Third Place, Other : Caren Drysdale

Third place Other photo shot in Rancho Cucamonga, California, on an iPhone 6 Plus by Caren Drysdale  – IPPAWARDS
Photo of Caren Drysdale – IPPAWARDS

”My interest in Mobile Photography began several years ago when I purchased an iPhone 5. It is reassuring to know that I always have a camera with me, and I enjoy being able to quickly capture moments with my phone. I also find it amazing how much you can accomplish making art with your photos using all of the various apps packed into a mobile device.”

”I shot this photo in a local restaurant, I was captivated by the beautiful woman seated at the table across from us. She was preparing to leave, and her table was cluttered with dirty dishes, but I focused on the bright, shimmering fabric and the shiny gold sandals she was wearing.”

Third Place, Series : Larisa Baricheva

Third place Series photos shot in Lobitos Beach, Peru, on an iPhone 7 by Larisa Baricheva  – IPPAWARDS
Photo of Larisa Baricheva – IPPAWARDS

”I’m a Russian-Jewish woman and I was born 74 years ago in Moscow, Russia, but for the last 52 years I have lived in Peru. I love nature, its shapes and colors, its textures and combinations. I search tirelessly for beauty. I’m passionate about photography with my iPhone camera and I travel a lot through Peru, discovering a new world every time.”

”I live in Milan and during the weekend I often go back to the lake to spend time with my parents. One of my favorite  things to do  is to take the ferry boat across the lake with no definite destination. I spend hours going back and forth with the sole purpose of observing passengers.  Series look capivated by the beauty of the landscape. In one of these solitary journeys of mine  I focused on this man, as he reminded me of my father’s fragility.”

Second Place, Series : Dimpy Bhalotia

Second place Series photos shot in Bombay and Tamil Nadu on an iPhone X by Dimpy Bhalotia – IPPAWARDS
Photo of Dimpy Bhalotia – IPPAWARDS

”Street photography may just be one way of seeing and capturing the world for many for us, but for Dimpy Bhalotia, it’s both the toughest and purest form of creative photography. It requires patience, a keen sense of observation, and perfect timing to capture the “decisive moment”. The stories captured are not works of fiction. This, she says, makes it the “most truthful art in the world.”

First Place, Series : Carol Allen Storey

First place Series photos shot in Kaese, Uganda on an iPhone 8 by Carol Allen Storey  – IPPAWARDS
Photo of Carol Allen Storey – IPPAWARDS

”A native New Yorker, Storey resides in London. Carol Allen-Storey is an award-winning photojournalist specialising in chronicling complex humanitarian and social issues. Her imagery illuminating people’s dignity and quest for survival reflects the unique trust and respect she engenders with her subjects.”

”These intimate portraits focus on how adolescents cope with being HIV positive. Amidst these chilling narratives, extraordinary stories of hope and glimpses of heroism in their quest to pursue their dreams emerged.

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