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iPhone Photography Awards Announced, Volume 9: People and Sunset



Above: short video introducing our iphone photography awards series

In this, the Ninth Article in a Series Featuring all the Winners, See Photos of the Top Three Awards for the Categories: People and Sunset

People and Sunsets. Two of the most loved categories for snatching photos while traveling or just in the neighborhood. Once again some incredible moments caught with humor and humanity and an eye for the aesthetic.

The top photos in these two categories are clearly extreme examples of being in the right place at the right time. But don’t overlook the “honorable mentions” either. The two mosaic galleries below show how high the competitive artistry was and how difficult it must have been to choose.

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Established in 2007, IPPAWARDS have featured the worlds best iPhone photographers and photos since the iPhone’s inception. The deadline to enter the next years program is March 2020, so, use these great images as inspiration to take your best shot. Who knows, it might be you taking the Grand Prize in 2020!

First Place Winner, People : Wei Xiong

First place People photo shot in China on an iPhone X by Wei Xiong  – IPPAWARDS
Photo of Wei Xiong – IPPAWARDS

”A mobile phone photographer from Huangpi district, Wuhan, China. Although Huangpi is a small town, it is the sky city of him. He lives, works and takes photos with his mobile phone here, to keep memory, time, ordinary life and simple happiness forever.”

Second Place, Children : Christine L. Mace

Second place People photo shot in Cuba on an iPhone SE by Christine L. Mace – IPPAWARDS
Photo of Christine L. Mace – IPPAWARDS

”Christine L. Mace is a New York City based artist, who has worked in fashion, film and graphic design. She received an undergraduate degree in Fashion Marketing and a MA in Fashion Studies from Parsons The New School for Design. Mace’s photography has appeared in many publications. Recently, her work was a part of the Furies, Fairies, Visionaries exhibition curated by Alice Gray Stites at Pen + Brush gallery in New York City.”

”Dominoes in Havana was captured at the  Solar de Aguilar in Havana, Cuba. The building is a mere memory of what it once was, from the wrought iron curving around the grand stair case at the entrance of the building to the non-functioning fountain in the courtyard. Six families occupy the Solar de Aguilar and every afternoon the residents gather in front of the grand staircase to play dominoes. On this particular afternoon, I captured these four neighbors engaged in a friendly game.”

Mosaic Gallery, Honorable Mentions: People

Third Place, People : Valeria Cammareri

Third place People photo shot in Lake Maggiore, Italy, on an iPhone X by Valeria Cammareri  – IPPAWARDS
Photo of Valeria Cammareri – IPPAWARDS

”I am Italian, born in Sicily , South of the Country, and raised in the North, in a little town on the Lake Maggiore where my parents still live. I currently live in Milan where I work as  a pediatrician. I didn’t cultivate any particular interest for photography until 2012, when I bought my first iPhone . Since then I have been using it  to write  the visual diary of my daily emotions.”

”I live in Milan and during the weekend I often go back to the lake to spend time with my parents. One of my favorite  things to do  is to take the ferry boat across the lake with no definite destination. I spend hours going back and forth with the sole purpose of observing passengers.  People look capivated by the beauty of the landscape. In one of these solitary journeys of mine  I focused on this man, as he reminded me of my father’s fragility.”

First Place, Sunset : Sreekumar Krishnan

First place Sunset photo shot in Bangalore, India, on an iPhone 6S by Sreekumar Krishnan – IPPAWARDS
Photo of Sreekumar Krishnan – IPPAWARDS

”Sreekumar Krishnan is an award winning professional photographer and teacher of photography based in Bangalore, India. His work Indian Sunshine was digitally displayed at the Louvre in France and National Geographic featured his photograph, “the mystical birds of Bharatpur” as Shot of the day. His works have also been displayed at various art galleries in Bangalore. When he is not shooting, he teaches meditation.”

”The evening sky marred by some solitary clouds provided a perfect backdrop to this shot. This is the statue of Lord Ram, Hindu God, shot in the outskirts of Bangalore just before sunset.”

Second Place, Sunset : Shirley Xu

Second place Sunset photo shot in the Baltic Sea on an iPhone 6 by Shirley Xu – IPPAWARDS
Photo of Shirley Xu – IPPAWARDS

”I am a professional photographer and photography teacher. Last year was my gap year, I left my job as an editor for a website and went to Finland, Norway, Sweden, Greece, Italy, Spain, The Czech Republic, Egypt and India. During this trip, I saw many beautiful views and took lots of photos, I also very lucky to see the northern lights many times.”

”While floating on the ice breaker I saw this marvelous sunset on the Baltic Sea.”

Mosaic Gallery, Honorable Mentions: Sunset

Third Place, Sunset : Chuangcheng Jin

Third place Sunset photo shot in Shantou, Guangdong, on an iPhone 6 by Chuangcheng Jin  – IPPAWARDS
Photo of Chuangcheng Jin – IPPAWARDS

”I’ve been passionate about mobile photography since 2014. My interest in photography brings me a lot of inspiration. I like to record the enthusiastic and moving parts of life by taking photos so that they can tell the stories of life.”

”This was taken by the river in my hometown of Shantou, China. The sunset passed through the leaves and reflected on the river, like a painting.”

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