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Memes explode after Biden wins and a Loser is unable to Accept Defeat



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Trump’s continued efforts to overturn election results: …laughable (literally)

Most of us know, that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won the 2020 election. With the records showing the President-elect reached 80 million popular votes, with still more counting to be done.  Yet, even though the electoral college votes, which determines the White House winner have been clearly laid out on Nov. 7 with the resounding 306-223. 

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Trump has done almost everything in his power to deny the facts. The “red mirage” has yet to fade for 45. He’s been seen tweeting from the rooftops that the election was rigged and riddled with fraud, he’s flat out tried to deny it, he has refused to concede or peacefully transfer power, Trump even begged battleground states for a recount of votes. None of the above was the truth; the simple fact is, he just lost.

Yet, the American people have had to bear witness to just how badly of a sore loser Trump has been.  Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, all reconfirmed that Biden is the victor.  

On Nov. 23, head of the GSA Emily Murphy formally approved for the transition, pushing reality even that much further, that now, perhaps  the 2020 presidential elections can be finalized.   

As a result, “Joe Biden winning” memes have been spreading throughout the internet  wide and far, showing Biden winning multiple times while highlighting a range of feelings – hilarity, relief, to just plain absurdity of how this presidential election year has gone down.  

The inauguration isn’t until Jan 20, 2021 and if you are like the majority of us, that means there, unfortunately, is still two more months of having to deal with Trump’s antics. It’s far past time for Trump to end his delusional battle and come to some sort of acceptance of the obvious election reality.

Now for the Memes  

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