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Will the man Trump says is a “Pussy” ultimately have the last laugh?

On the same day Pence ruled out invoking the 25th Amendment to remove Trump after last week’s violence on Capitol Hill, Lincoln Project released this new ad. After the drama that transpired when Trump supposedly said that if Pence refused to singlehandedly overturn a bona fide election win for Biden, that he would be a “Pussy”, in spite of the fact that it was literally impossible for him to do since the VP had no such powers. Pence certified the election results in favor of Biden, apparently therefore, according to Trump, becoming a “pussy”.

Next up: his qualifications to run for office in 2024, presumablly on that platform.

This comes also alongside the historic news of the house of representatives officially impeached Trump for the second time for “incitement of insurrection”.

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As Vice President, Mike Pence has proven that even in the face of a constitutional crisis which he alone was uniquely empowered to deal with, he could remain steadfast in his commitment to doing nothing at all. This makes him the obvious and most qualified leader to take over the role as the leader of the MAGA movement. And the only choice in 2024 to lead our nation into the next era of disappointment.

The Lincoln Project /youtube

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