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Mini-Virtual Get-aways for a Stay-cation Odyssey into 2021



Surf Sounds of Air and Sunset, aDrift among the Palm Sweet Soliloquy

The music winds and floats and takes a dream to a foreign unknown shore. Endless summer and a sunset island fantasy come true. Enjoy the track and transport your mind into relaxing sea and surf. Ambient Relaxation Therapy Forever.

Lonely wafted and adrift in clam and clean motionless ocean glass. Colors of the sky with incredible soft pastel rays of light, rising from the furthest point of infinity. Gulls fly and dreams envelope now. Featuring: “Opalescent” by Eugenio Mininni

Floating over A Crystal Stream in an Impossibly Green Forest

Imagine floating above a crystal clear mountain stream deep at the heart of a beautiful green forest. Sounds of water flowing, birds and mysterious living spirits surround and envelope your senses. Relaxed, clear minded, calm yet alert and aware. Exploration and introspection. Feeling, breathing, living. Forest Walk. “Forest Walk” by Eugenio Mininni: Song can be downloaded here.

Paramount Mists of Exploration: Mountain Peak Delight Enhancement Mix

Icy piano spine chilling thoughts that rise. Above with air crisp clarity and brightness built in snow covered misted waves. Frozen forms enchanted and found above. Above the day where sleep is lost and life denies music spring song. Enhancement mix 2.

Ceremonial Sustenance Waveforms: Standing Above from Within Ourselves

Rising frames of soft and billowing rewards. Running, rising erupting smooth and soothing mysterious regeneration mind. Mixed believers and trance warrior hope. A flame, and drops of wonder.

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