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Netflix’s “Lupin Part 2”: The Quest for Revenge is Now: Official Trailer



The Most wanted man in France has a Master Plan 

Netflix’s French original series “Lupin” took Netflix subscribers by storm. Millions tuned in, voraciously binge-watching, including myself, furiously consuming the first season when the show debuted earlier this year.   Part 1 ended as most shows do these days, leaving us wanting more with a nerve wracking cliffhanger, yet, rejoice streamers, we will not have to wait much longer to tune in to see Omar Sy as Assane Diop for Part 2.  

The main character, as mentioned above, Assane Diop, has held a lifelong obsession with Lupin novels and has transformed much of his life, in the process becoming somewhat of a modern-day counterpart to “Lupin, gentleman thief”. His masterminded plans are always artfully crafted with unexpectedly creative genius precision, style and not to mention incredible costume changes. 

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Those that have not yet seen the series, this is the perfect time to get caught up.  The series is inspired on the French fictional character Arsene Lupin created by writer Maurice Leblanc.     

The official trailer for “Lupin Part 2” just dropped along with the release date that is now coming soon: June 11, 2021.  Those that are deterred from foreign programs because of subtitles, English dubbed audio is also available and this series is abolutely worth the watch. 

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