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Prime Day Prime Video Deals Live Now

Not only are thousands of physical products on sale for Prime Day, starting tonight at midnight, but streaming rentals are getting big promotional discounts…



Promotional Photo for The Courier

Above:Promotional Photo for “The Courier” courtesy of Lionsgate

An invitation to save on streaming current hot films and shows, plus $.99 teaser rates for subscriptions

Not only are thousands of physical products on sale for Prime Day, starting tonight at midnight, but virtual deals, such as films and shows are getting big promotional discounts also. The streaming deals are already live, so if you are inclined to watch while it’s still weekend prime time, a large assortment is available.

Some examples of films currently deeply discounted to view:

Titles that are normally priced higher for rental viewing or purchase are set for a limited time to $.99, $1.99 or $2.99 depending on the title. Naturally the newer and “hotter” the choice the less likely that it is at $.99 cents, but on the other hand, we all have different taste and perhaps you can find a film or show that you have been wanting to see but did not want to pay a higher price to watch.

John Lewis, “Across That Bridge

For some reason, documentary films such as “Chasing Madoff” or “Good Trouble“, the excellent documentary on John Lewis, which is part of a Juneteenth special promotion, tend to show up at the rock bottom price. So perhaps, taking advantage of the promotion as a way to educate and enlighten oneself might be more economical than jumping in to the top hits and most current feature films.

If you do shop around, hovering or clicking on the deals designated with a “$” in the upper left hand corner, you will find at least a few titles here and there at the low $.99 cent watch price. Much more common are $1.99, $2.99 and even $3.99, which is a discount but does not feel like a huge one.

Also, since newer popular titles are normally priced much higher, up to $5.99 and sometimes more, even the $2.99 special price represents a bargain opportunity.

An example of a recently released, high quality film is “The Courier” which is currently available to watch for $2.99 (normally $5.99)

The Courier Official Trailer

All of the following subscriptions have a special “up to 2 Month” $.99 cent teaser rate:

$0.99 Deals on Prime Video Channels

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