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New Music Video by Lady Gaga “Stupid Love” Yields Eye Popping Views and All Shot on an iPhone



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Listen and Watch below – Lady Gaga’s latest Pop Single from her upcoming album

official music video of “stupid love” by lady gaga

Lady Gaga  has just released the full version of her newest song called “Stupid Love” from her upcoming sixth album with an accompanying music video. The music video has also been reported to have been entirely shot on an iPhone (11). 

The official music video starts out with the caption that reads:

The world rots in conflict.  Many tribes battle for dominance.  While the Spiritual ones pray and sleep for peace, the Kindness punks fight for the Chromatica. 

Lady Gaga Video Caption

Gaga’s 6th album nicknamed LG6 is also rumored to be titled “Chromatica” – it’s still undetermined whether the new album will follow the same theme as “Stupid Love”.

Lady Gaga is covered from head to toe in hot pink: pink hair in a high pony tail, a pink medallion in the shape of a heart placed on her forehead, as well as pink eye shadow and lipstick no doubt from the artist’s new makeup line Haus Labs.

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In an interview for Apple Music, she spoke about the message of the new song, stating “there’s nothing more powerful than love to heal the world”.

The fast paced dance song is very reminiscent of the singer/songwriters past pop songs. The video is a visual treat of vivid pink and many other colors set in an intergalactic / futuristic desert mixed with over the top and catchy choreography with dancers dressed in Mad Max-esque costumes.

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