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New Tesla Video Shows off Model Y All-Glass Roof



In a new tweet, Tesla shows off the POV of the world through the Model Y all glass roof

Of course, the fans are loving it and the trolls are, well, trolls. There’s a tweet that’s out there, as a reply to every other Tesla tweet, that shows a roof leaking in a Tesla back seat. Perhaps it’s a disgruntled customer but from the constant re-tweeting of this clip it seems more likely that its from the underground Tesla resistance (Oil Companies, Short Sellers, etc).

There are, at the same time, thankfully, genuine lovers that are more expressive, and it seems creative, like this guy:

There are more than just fans in the thread – there seems to be actual joy emanating from Model Y owners. And S3XY fun seems to be permeating the attitude In the responses to this tweet – which is a pretty big departure from the usual war zone of every stripe and troll farmer present in so many topics and threads.

This fellow wanted to show off his 360˚ schmanzy fancy camera:

Some were loving the roomy interior:

Dogs Were loving it
Then she said:P GooD Night

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